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Being published in our high-quality coffee-table book adds prestige to your own brand… and I’ll spell out more for you on our book in a minute… but at Sweet Wheels Publishing, we’re 100% behind helping you make more money.

Your brand is built up through our social media channels, with our online ad campaigns, and by getting your printed books to Fine Art buyers and merchants.


Benefits of Publishing

High-quality reproduction | your photograph displayed with true colour and sharp detail | buyers see what your work looks like in their home or office.

There’s a valid reason it’s vital to have your Fine Art Photography printed. Sophisticated fine art buyers know images viewed on the screen are not how the printed version looks. They too know that the light that they show your fine art piece in has a visual impact on how it looks. It’s crucial for them to hold up a print in the actual room.

Personalized brand on each page of your images | your name displayed | buyers reminded of your brand whenever they page through the book.

Your brand on each book you buy | your name displayed on the jacket | impresses everyone seeing your book. An $80 dollar gift from Sweet Wheels Publishing to you.

As a published fine art landscape photographer, they know you as the professional they want to buy from.

Calls to action in the image caption | your info is included with each image to promote your brand | buyers know the images they see in the book can be on their wall… and they know how to make it happen.

Authority and credibility | you’re viewed as an expert photographer | people value your point of view and seek you as a significant source of fine art prints.

Publishing a book gives you the base on which to build a name for your business and career. You build trust in what you do.

Quality fan base | being published allows you to appeal to the ideal art buyers | they become loyal fans of your skill and buy your work.  

PR and Media coverage | your work as an authority in your field | they see you as the ‘go-to person for advice in your subject area which leads to publicity and sales.     

Solid reputation| skill, and value | visibility through your book makes opportunities that may have been out of your reach. Publishing sets you up for even better opportunities in the marketplace.        

Brand enhancement | your published status is a promotional plan and advertisement | enhances your resume and shows your brand’s soul.    

Becoming a published photographer sets you on an outstanding career track that can pay off for decades.

Books as an asset | permits you to get respect and acknowledgment as an artist | publication gives global respect for you and your photography.

Not sold on Amazon | directly marketed to your target audience | sold at wholesale generating more sales and wider distribution.

Your credibility established | Being published means that expert sources vet your work | Your new high-value clients warm up to you because you are featured in a book and not just another web page.


As a published fine art landscape photographer, you:

  • are recognized as the pro you are;

  • build your name and career (brand);

  • establish trust in what you offer;

  • establish and grow your value;

  • grow repeat orders;

  • are found by qualified fine art buyers.

Being published brings the right patrons, the refined ones who buy fine art. They are influencers because they talk you up and praise you to their friends, clients, and relatives.


This is the part where you go out and shoot more great landscape fine art. 

We Do All The Work To Get You Found
Benefits Of Marketing Done For You (DFY)

The book Marketing Fine Art Photography states successful photographers spend 50% of their time marketing. You are not going to. You won’t have to go out and pick up any books, watch any seminars, pay for one-on-one consults again. 


We put in the hours learning online tools like HubSpot CRM and MailChimp so you don’t need to. You’ll never use your time on social media platforms trying to get the tens of thousands of followers Internet marketers tell you to.

Your work on social media | your brand is amplified by our social sharing | Sweet Wheels has active communities on the major social sites… and posts daily.

The book is a catalog | we distribute the book to qualified fine art buyers | your customers connect your work to fine art… and can buy through their favorite source.

Ongoing advertising | we promote the book through paid media | your work (and your brand) appears in our advertising at no additional cost to you.


You get to use all your time making Fine Art.


DFY So You Don’t Have Too
  • Produce marketing that gives you the edge by selling your brand to the right people.

  • Form a plan that caters to the needs of your clients.

  • Promote on social media platforms.

  • Complete marketing research and analytics to boost sales and client understanding.

  • Learn to use marketing data to its fullest potential.

  • Produce strategic marketing plans for the growth of your business.

  • Search for new clients.

  • Create programs to build up customer loyalty and trust.



Your fine art landscape image published in the book gets added to an online store. There have been over a million people found that search for and buy fine art. They are the ones we target for your sales of fine art. The store is the place that all your qualified fine art buyers come to purchase your fine landscape art.

Sweet Wheels online store | an e-commerce site optimized for fine art selling | you benefit from our site traffic.

Your photograph as an ad | we promote the book images in our online advertising | your image generates a click that leads to a sale.

The book as a catalogue | we distribute the book to qualified fine art buyers | customers connect your work to fine art… and can buy through Sweet Wheels online store.

Reputation growth | automatic price increases| every time you sell a print your value as a fine art photographer increases.

The Book

Oversized 11 inches by 14 inches landscape fine art book.

Has 250-pages done to the highest book construction standards.


There isn't a better way to show off your art to fine art buyers.

Room for 100 fine art photographers and over 750 curated and approved pics.

The images are placeholders.

Read all the way to the bottom and find out how to get your fine art on the front or back jacket covers.

CLICK to see a larger image.

Back Cover.jpg
Front Cover.jpg
  1. Images are placeholders waiting for your fine art landscape photographs.

  2. Two-page spreads with selectable layouts.

  3. Custom layouts available.

  4. Your name and location are at the top of all your starting pages and each of your images is captioned with the location of the image. 

CLICK to see a larger image.

What five-star images are you going to use on these pages?
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